oksana neveselaya

Oksana Neveselaya: The World's Hottest Math Teacher

Meet Belarusian sensation Oksana Neveselaya, the math teacher captivating the internet with her charm and mathematical prowess.

Internet Sensation

Oksana boasts over 551,000 Instagram followers and gained fame when a video of her teaching went viral on social media.

Beauty and Brains

Oksana's belief in the synergy of knowledge and beauty shines through her online presence, where she shares attractive selfies and promotes education.


Global Attention

Oksana's recent trip to Malaysia garnered significant attention, with her Facebook page receiving over 3,000 new likes in a week.

Brains Behind the Beauty

Oksana is not just a pretty face; she holds a PhD in mechanical construction from the University School of London, showcasing her exceptional intellect alongside her charm.