Latest updates on COVID 19 infected in India

Four people are tested disease in Mumbai and one in Pune.  With this, the entire number of cases in Maharashtra has attained 230 say health department said on Tuesday. On Sunday a woman of 48 yrs old was admitted to Howrah District Hospital.  She was diagnosed with high fever, cough, and cold and breathing difficulty and has been allegedly tested positive for publication coronavirus and unfortunately lost her life. This is the third death in the state. The woman had no travel history that is global.   Since the tally of novel coronavirus cases spanned 1,300, India reported that the largest spike in instances.  The death toll because of this virus has jumped to 32.  Whilst the Union Health Ministry has stated that the book coronavirus is at the community transmission period in India and hasn’t yet attained the community transmission period, ” the Supreme Court (SC) has cautioned that the fear and dread thanks to COVID-19 are rapidly becoming bigger issues than the contagion itself.  Italy has long the lockdown to arrest the spread.  US, in New York, that the 1,200-mark has been surpassed by the death toll.

Corona virus instances in India surge to 1385, the death toll in 32; state-wise tally Corona virus upgrade:  In Maharashtra and Kerala, the amount of all COVID-19 patients has jumped into 198 and 202, respectively.  At Maharashtra, eight people have died because of coronavirus, its highest no in a state.  Meanwhile, Kerala, that has recorded the Maximum amount of COVID-19 positive instances.

In Haryana (38), Jammu and Kashmir (36) and Punjab (48) corona virus infection has been raised.

In Andhra Pradesh, complete confirmed cases have risen to 23.  In West Bengal, 22 people have been infected by corona virus.  In Ladakh and Bihar, the COVID-19 patients have been listed 13 and 15, respectively.

In Kerala and Maharashtra, COVID-19 patients’ amount has jumped into 202 and 198 simultaneously.  At Maharashtra 8 people have died because of corona virus-highest one of all staes of the country.  Kerala, that has recorded the maximum number of scenarios, reported 1 departure till today.  On March 28, a 69 years old man expired at the Ernakulam Medical Hospital of Kerala Andin Kerala, 19 patients are cured by the virus. .   A total of 25 people healed in the virus in Maharashtra till today. Delhi has enrolled total of 87 confirmed cases up to now. 

Bihar, Himachal Pradesh, West Bengal, Punjab and Tamil Nadu are the other states that have reported one death case each as of March 30. The condition of Telangana has reported 7 deaths up to now.

Delhi Health Minister Satyendar Jain stated the 24 people who attended a congregation in the field of Delhi at the Markaz construction have been tested positive.  Six individuals from Telangana who attended that this gathering that was spiritual in Delhi at Nizamuddin also have expired because of COVID-19.

A new report came forward: Assam got the first case of COVID 19 infected man of 52years old from Karimganj, who return back from Delhi Nizamuddin. He is under medication at Silchar Medical College.

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