8 The reason is that the left breast is bigger than the right breast

Persiflagelol.com – 8 The reason is that the left breast is bigger than the right breast,This is the answer.

Some girls complain about the size of their breasts that are not the same, big on the side, aka asymmetrical. The difference will be seen especially when mirrored. The question is, isn’t it normal?

Health expert Dr. Vera Nevyta, Sp. Rad, said that the size of a girl’s breasts did tend not to be the same, as reported by Doctor Sehat. The differences also vary, some are not very visible, but there are also significant differences.

So you could say that the next big breast is a normal condition, as long as it’s not too obvious the difference. Before thinking weird, you can first find out what causes the asymmetrical breast with Hip wee Tips.

1. Hormonal changes during puberty often cause breast growth to not occur together and trigger different sizes

When entering puberty, the breasts will increase because of the increase in the hormone estrogen. But because the hormone production is still not stable, the development of the left and right breasts is also different. This naturally occurs in adolescence. Well, the more you age; the two breasts will balance the size by itself and stay until the size is perfect.

2. In addition to puberty, hormonal changes at the time of ovulation or at the start of the menstrual cycle also have an influence

When the body experiences hormonal changes, for example when entering ovulation, sometimes breast tissue will change, feels fuller and sensitive. This will be felt more during menstruation because the mammary glands will experience swelling in response to changes in hormone levels. So, your breasts feel tight during menses.

3. According to research, generally the left breast is bigger than the right because of special factors.

Reported by Kompas, research in Turkey revealed that the left side of the body generally has a higher sensitivity and immunity. This condition will also affect the hormone estrogenic. There is also another theory that says that the left breast is bigger than the right because it is located near the heart which has many blood vessels, arteries, and layers of fat that protect the heart.

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4. Traumatic injury because of the body’s anatomical position that is not parallel, can also…

The next large breast can also be caused by a factor of traumatic injury or physical disability. Abnormal body conditions can sometimes affect breast size. For example, there are disorders of the shape of the chest wall, abnormal condition of the spine or scoliosis, or other injuries.

5. Large breasts one can also be caused due to the effects of pregnancy and habits in breastfeeding

During pregnancy, the female body will prepare to undergo the breastfeeding process by producing breast milk. The proliferation of hormones that affect the mammary glands causes different breast sizes. Breastfeeding habits can also be a cause. So it is advisable to use both breasts alternately while breastfeeding, so that the breasts don’t grow big next.

6. You who consume drugs such as birth control pills also have the potential to have large breasts next to them

Types of drugs that change the structure of hormones such as birth control pills can be a cause of imbalanced breast development. An increase in the amount of hormones due to the use of contraception can result in a temporary reaction of enlarged breast tissue.

7. Or maybe your family members are experiencing the same thing. That means it’s already there…

Genes also affect how much the size of the breast is left and right. If your mother or grandmother has clearly asymmetrical breasts, don’t be surprised if you also experience the same thing.

8. But, be careful if the difference in size is very obvious, or suddenly the size changes in a short time. Can be signs of your cancer!

If changes in breast size occur suddenly and appear very clear, immediately consult a doctor. Sudden changes in breast shape and size can be a sign of infection, lumps, cysts, or even breast cancer. Especially if accompanied by other complaints such as pain, lumps, dimples appear or redness.

The best way to anticipate possible risks, do BSE or check your breasts yourself to notice the slightest change in your breasts, If indeed you experience a large breast next to it, it can be tricked by using a bra with additional pads on smaller breasts so that it can be balanced in size. Well, for those of you who don’t have problems with breasts; try to always maintain their health by using a proper bra and routinely doing exercises that train the chest muscles such as push-ups for example. Hopefully answer your anxiety, huh!

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